David John Taylor
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  History of the Artist

David John Talor works in visual and performance art. He exhibited in numerous local galleries in the UK throughout the 1980s. While living in Cambridge, UK he was particularly involved in painting and performance art, and performed at the Edinburgh Festival. Talor's central aim as a painter is to give the viewer a dynamic visual experience in the interplay between the distinct energies of line and colour.

1961 Born in Cardiff, Wales, UK

1984 Graduated from the University of Reading in Visual Art and Literature

1984 Postgraduate research at the University of Cambridge

1986 Live performance at the Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge: Experimental Art Music with A.R. Penck

1987 Assisted with the installation of Monoprints by Naum Gabo at the Kettle's Yard Gallery, Cambridge

1993 Left the UK to teach, study Japanese theatre and aesthetics. Throughout the 1990s in Fukuoka, Talor concentrated on creating his 'extended line' technique for acrylic paint and an overall minimalist style.

2006 Moved to Tokyo. Private exhibitions and commissions

2011 Solo exhibition in Tokyo at the Gallery 88 Omotesando, large exhibition of paintings capturing specific and unexpected changes in human action

2012 Sep. Large-scale Cardiff office installation 'Horizontals' for Curzon Real Estate Limited

2013 Jan. Exhibited with JCAA, (Japan Contemporary Art Association) in New York City

2013 Jul. Exhibited as part of a group exhibition at the GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2013 Aug. Exhibited with JCAA in Ginza, Tokyo at the 38th Artex-Tokyo, winning the Prix Special

2014 Feb. Second solo exhibition in Tokyo at the GALERIE ANDO Shibuya

2014 Sep. Exhibited as part of a group show "DREAM BOX EXHIBITION" at the GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2014 Nov. Winner of Liquitex Art Prize 2014 "Art Fair", Tokyo

2015 Aug. Yokohama Y1 Restaurant & Bar: Large scale decoration

2016 Dec. Exhibited in the group show "KINETIC ART" at the GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2017 Jun. Winner of ACT ART COM bonnyCol Art Competition Exhibited in the ACT ART COM Art & Design Fair 2017

2017 Jun. Exhibited in the group show "Exhibition of the 30th anniversary of the foundation" at the GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2017 Jul. Exhibited in the group show "Kai Kai Yukai-na Ikimono Zukan" at Gallery Fu, Yokohama